What part of your income will be taxed in Italy?

What part of your income will be taxed in Italy?

  • Live in Italy? Then you have to pay taxes on your global income there. 
    (criteria: you are enrolled in the Population Register, where it appears that you have stayed in Italy for at least 183 consecutive days within 12 months or that your center of interest is in Italy)
  • Do you live in Italy less than 183 consecutive in the space of 12 months? In this case, pay the tax only on income received in Italy.
  • Do you have income from other EU countries? Make sure you do not pay taxes on the same income twice.

Avoid double taxation in Italy

How much will I pay?

Income tax rates for 2016 ( 2017 declaration)

Headband Annual income Rate
1 up to 15,000 euros 23%
2 15.001 – 28.000 euros 27%
3 28.001 – 55.000 euros 38%
4 55.001 – 75.000 euros 41%
5 over 75.001 euros 43%

There is also a regional tax, which can rise up to 3.33%, and a municipal tax that varies between 0.01 and 0.9% (additional IRPEF). Each region and each municipality determines autonomously, in the range provided by law, the additional to the IRPEF.

How and when do I pay?

Your employer deducts income tax and social security contributions from your paycheck. If you do not have other sources of income, you do not have to submit your annual tax return . If you want to present it, you must do it by 2 October, by computer.

In some exceptional cases, paper submission is still possible, and must be carried out between 2 May and 30 June.

The payment must be made by June 30th . It is also possible to pay during the following month, by July 31st – but applying an increase of 0.40%.

How to file an appeal / complaint

If you do not agree with your tax assessment, you can appeal to the tax office . Read the tax assessment notice carefully to understand exactly which service you need to appeal and what procedures to follow.

The tax payer protection service of your Regional Directorate of the Revenue Agency may be able to assist you.

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