Tax guide: the tax alphabet

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There are taxes , which are different from taxes . And taxes can be direct or indirect . It goes without saying that regional and municipal add- ons also weigh on income Do not forget the CUD which certifies the income from dependent work to be calculated in the model 730or in Unico . The expenses, then, can be considered as deductions or deductions that discount or lower the taxable income tax .
Does your head turn? Congratulations you have entered the mode of tributes. "How disgust it is better to stay away!", You could say. But no: know that if you are going to run away from taxes, taxes will be to chase you.

Seriously, the tax system of a state plays an essential role for civil cohabitation. Schools, health, public order are just a small example of the services that could not exist without an imposition system. Certainly the language of tax is anything but simple, indeed the matter is so complicated that it is necessary to resort to technicalities. This does not prevent, however, from seeking to understand it to understand its delicate function and to know its rights to the full.

A tax for each letter

Excise tax: the taxes that are paid on the consumption of energy products (very famous on petrol) and alcohol.

Down payment : is the amount that is paid as an advance of the income tax due for the current year. The deposit is payable if the tax debt, calculated on the basis of the tax return, exceeds € 51.65.

Additional : it is a tax payable by natural persons. As the word says, this tax is added to the others to be paid (usually income tax). It is calculated on the basis of a fixed rate. The additional is destined to the Region (additional regional) or to the Municipality (additional municipal).

Rate: is the percentage that applies to taxable income to establish the taxes to be paid. Currently there are five rates: 23% up to income of € 15,000; 27% over € 15.001 and up to € 28.000; 38% over € 28.001 and up to € 55.000; 41% over € 55.001 and up to € 75.000; 43% over € 75.001.

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