Income and taxes: as you go from the gross to the net

At the end of February, with the arrival of the Cud 2012 to employees and pensioners , the season of tax returns opens . An appointment that, in turn, will also concern self-employed workers . But between the two categories there is a substantial difference: the "perception" of one's income . The employee is in fact every month paycheck one net salary , already reduced the withholding tax , and often do not even know what is his gross income . The self-employed worker, on the other hand, collects a gross fee, calculates the IRPEF subsequently and pays with themodel F24 . Both, however, may have deductible charges(which lower taxable income) and deductible expenses (which reduce taxes).

Basically all natural persons subject to Irpef must follow the same path to get from the gross income and know how to calculate it can be useful for everyone. That's how.

Element   What to do
Total income
Add all sources of income for the fiscal year: salaries, professional or occasional fees, income from land and buildings, etc. (employees and retired employees must refer to the gross salary reported on the CUD).
Deductible charges

Subtract all deductible expenses (mandatory contributions, supplementary pensions, donations, checks to the former spouse, etc.).
Deduction main house

Subtract the deduction for the first house.
Taxable income
The tax base is obtained, ie the income on which the taxes are calculated.
IRPEF rates = Apply the different tax rates according to the income bracket.
Gross irpef – 
Gross tax is obtained.
Deductions = Subtract all deductions to which you are entitled from the IRPEF (for dependent work, dependent family members, medical expenses , building renovations , energy saving,etc.).
Irpef net
You get the tax payable.

At this point: taxable income – net income tax = net income .

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