קטגוריה: מיסים ועוד

מי זכאי להחזרי מס

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כל מי שנכנס למעגל העבודה בישראל לפני שנים מכיר היטב את התחושה שתשלומי המיסים מאוד גבוהים כאן. אנחנו עובדים שעות נוספות, נותנים את הנשמה ובסופו של דבר משלמים הון עתק לרשויות המיסים. זה נשמע לכם מוכר? רוצים גם אתם לשנות את המצב? אם כך, רגע לפני שאתם מתחילים להעלים מס, פשוט כי אתם לא יכולים […]

What part of your income will be taxed in Italy?

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What part of your income will be taxed in Italy? Live in Italy? Then you have to pay taxes on your global income there.  (criteria: you are enrolled in the Population Register, where it appears that you have stayed in Italy for at least 183 consecutive days within 12 months or that your center of interest is in […]

Income and taxes: as you go from the gross to the net

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At the end of February, with the arrival of the Cud 2012 to employees and pensioners , the season of tax returns opens . An appointment that, in turn, will also concern self-employed workers . But between the two categories there is a substantial difference: the "perception" of one's income . The employee is in fact every month paycheck one net salary , already reduced the withholding tax , and often do not even know […]

Tax guide: the tax alphabet

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There are taxes , which are different from taxes . And taxes can be direct or indirect . It goes without saying that regional and municipal add- ons also weigh on income . Do not forget the CUD which certifies the income from dependent work to be calculated in the model 730or in Unico . The expenses, then, can be considered as deductions or deductions that discount or lower the taxable income tax . Does your head turn? Congratulations you have entered the mode of […]