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Income and taxes: as you go from the gross to the net

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At the end of February, with the arrival of the Cud 2012 to employees and pensioners , the season of tax returns opens . An appointment that, in turn, will also concern self-employed workers . But between the two categories there is a substantial difference: the "perception" of one's income . The employee is in fact every month paycheck one net salary , already reduced the withholding tax , and often do not even know […]

Tax guide: the tax alphabet

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There are taxes , which are different from taxes . And taxes can be direct or indirect . It goes without saying that regional and municipal add- ons also weigh on income . Do not forget the CUD which certifies the income from dependent work to be calculated in the model 730or in Unico . The expenses, then, can be considered as deductions or deductions that discount or lower the taxable income tax . Does your head turn? Congratulations you have entered the mode of […]